— perforated laminate ceiling finishes



Sonaris™ a propriety and patented perforated acoustic laminate finish for commercial grid and tile suspended ceilings.
Sonaris™ is designed to provide a decorative acoustically transparent laminate finish to a broad range of ceiling panels such as Asona Triton, Asona Triton Duo, Asona Polyfon polyester, mineral fibre and plasterboard. Acoustic performance is determined but the base core board construction and can be customed to provided NRC 0.1 to 1.00 and CAC from 10 to 45dB.

NZ Patent No. NZ2009208100
Australia Patent No. AU570507


Sonaris™ has endless design potential as it's dual layer structure allows different colours and perforations to be intermixed and layered to create unique texture and design effects. Asona acoustic ceiling panels finished with Sonaris acoustic laminates also offer significant cost benefit when compared to traditional perforated material types and are light weight and easy to install.


Manufactured in New Zealand by Asona Ltd Sonaris™ is available in a range of standard sizes, colours and perforation patterns. Custom panels are also a speciality of Asona so if you cannot find what you want then please contact us on info@asona.co.nz and tell us what you are looking for.


A specialist New Zealand manufacturer, distributor and installer of acoustical and specialty decorative ceiling and wall finishes serving the commercial interior and education construction markets.

We have a passion for innovation and believe in bringing new materials and products to market that are attractive, acoustically efficient, low in embodied energy, can be renovated and recycled locally, are fire safe, durable, and that offer our customers design, life cycle cost and service advantages.

We operate our own factory in Auckland to manufacture composite ‘soft’ fibre sound absorber panels, hard attenuator panels, vinyl laminated hygiene panels, and fabric wrapped panels. We offer our customers short lead times, the flexibility to tailor products to meet decorative, performance and budget objectives and a renovation and repair service to extend product life and reduce land fill waste.

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